A Memorable Journey to Macedonia by Violetta (Bektesh) Armour

Call it Serendipity or fate but whatever it is, sometimes life has a way of coming full circle in a wonderful way. My recent trip to Macedonia and search for my ancestors was successful thanks to many chance encounters and to helpful people along the way. And Tempe Sister Cities played a big role in it all. I guess my story really begins over 90 years ago. My paternal grandparents, Spiro and Vaska Bektesh with their three sons, Peter, Dimitre and Milan (my father) immigrated to America from Prilep, Macedonia in 1921.

Sister Cities International Conference: San Antonio 2013

The annual SCI Conference held in San Antonio this year was especially meaningful for the group of seven from Tempe that attended. This year Tempe was honored with the BEST SISTER CITY PROGRAM IN AMERICA. Tempe has been recognized six times for this award. President Dick Neuheisel accepted this award on behalf of the entire organization; volunteers, board members and delegates who have participated in the program for the last 42 years. The strength of the program lies in the enthusiasm and continuity of support throughout the years. A special toast to Elaine Hlawek, former coordinator to Lower Hutt and […]

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