Tempe Sister Cities Receives Award from U.S. Department of State

WASHINGTON, DC – Tempe, Arizona Sister Cities has been named as one of three recipients of the U.S. State Department’s annual 2020 Citizen Diplomacy award. Headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, the organization was selected out of a record 22 nomination this year. Awards are presented to one winner and two runner up positions.   “Sister Cities has been one of our nominating partners since day one. Tempe Sister Cities stood out for their creative youth programs and teacher exchanges,” said a State Department spokesperson.  The Citizen Diplomacy Award was created to celebrate the significant, beneficial contributions of U.S. citizens and organizations to […]

A Word from newly elected TSC President, David Carrera

In the photo, from left to right: First Emeritus member: Honorable Harry Mitchell, Treasurer: Pete Ewen, Parliamentarian: Paul Sheard, Assistant Treasurer: Zak Scott, President: David Carrera, Secretary: Kathy Schreiner, 2nd Vice President: Larry West, 1st Vice President: Dean Gambino Ten years ago I became involved in Tempe Sister Cities when we made a donation to a delegate going to Carlow, Ireland. Two years later we were preparing our oldest daughter, Milena, for her experience in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. Three years after that we were packing our youngest daughter, Eliana, for the trip of her life also to Lower Hutt. […]

Nikki Experiences New Zealand Diversity

Traveling to New Zealand this past summer was a life changing experience that I will never forget. New Zealand is a beautiful and unique country filled with some of the nicest people I have ever met. I met so many wonderful people and had so many amazing experiences there that it is hard for me to choose only a few to write about! However, as a social studies teacher, I was most interested in just experiencing the culture of the country and the history of the islands. I wanted to experience the food, the language, the customs, the history, politics, […]

Stories from Sweden

Alisa Gains a Loving Family in Sweden Being a part of the 2019 Educator Exchange program, I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but looking back, I see that it was much more than I had ever expected it would be. It all began the moment Jeffrey Shores and I arrived in Sweden, as my host Jessica Olofsson and Jeffrey’s host Johanna Soderblom were waiting for us in the airport with huge smiles. When I arrived at Jessica’s house, her husband Erick and son Love were ready to welcome me and gave me the tour of what would be my […]

Taking Tea at Hackett House

In 1986, Tempe Sister Cities took possession of the Hackett House which was restored and is owned by the City of Tempe. Tempe Sister Cities, under the guidance of Jane Neuheisel, won a bid to the city for a plan to use the original bakery, and later home of Estelle Hackett, as a cooking school, gathering place, and educational venue. Preparation began for repurposing Tempe’s former bakery with a new paint job, wallpaper, sanded floors, and new cupboards. Around 1988, in honor of the former bakery and of our new Sister City in Lower Hutt, New Zealand, the Hackett House […]

2019 Tempe Sister Cities Student Selection Information

… Are you ready for the summer of a lifetime? Click here for the 2019 Student Ambassador Selection Information & Application! PROGRAM OVERVIEW The TSC student exchange program is open to residents of the city of Tempe who are juniors during the 2018-2019 academic year. Learn more about whether or not you qualify for the program toward the bottom of this page. Engage in cross-cultural exchange with like-minded peers in cities around the world Be part of the more than 900 Tempe high school students have participated in the Tempe Sister Cities student exchange! Gain experiences and build friendships that […]

2018 “Making A World of Difference” Awards and Banquet

Tempe Sister Cities 12th Annual “Making A World Of Difference” Awards and Banquet What Can One Person Do…to help the disadvantaged, the sick, the people trapped in grinding poverty all around the globe?  The very idea seems overwhelming. The Tempe Sister City organization created “Making A World of Difference” to honor individuals who have truly brought aid and comfort and hope to the less fortunate…whose achievements inspire us…and whose ongoing efforts have reached the world stage. The 2018 Honorees include: Kenton Lee-The Shoe That Grows Connie Sunday-E3 Africa Michael & Michelle Tessendorf-Orchard Africa Charlotte Gould-Stitches By Charlotte See more information […]

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