School-To-School Exchange

Program offers exchange opportunities between Ahwatukee and Regensberg, Germany

This program is for students who attend Tempe High Schools located outside of the City of Tempe

Tempe Union High School district has two schools located in Ahawatukee.

Since Ahwatukee residents cannot participate in the Tempe Sister Cities student exchange program, we offer the School-to-School Exchange program to give these youth an opportunity for cultural education overseas.

History of School-to-School Exchange

The Tempe Sister Cities School-to-School program was started in 1996 by Mountain Pointe High School mathematics teacher, Judy Dutson Ferra, who partnered with Realschule am Judenstein school in Regensburg, Germany.

These meaningful exchanges have resulted in lasting relationships that involve the participants, their families, teachers, and peers and truly embodies the Sister Cities motto of “Bringing the World Together One Friendship at a Time.”

School-to-School Exchange Program Details

Tempe Sister Cities’ School-to-School Exchange consists of two parts:

  1. Hosting the German students for two weeks in March/April
  2. Traveling to Germany and being hosted by the German families for two weeks in June

Students pay for their own transportation to and from their destination and Tempe Sister Cities funds the students’ excursions to historical and cultural sites in Germany.

For more information on Tempe Sister Cities School-to-School Exchange

Please contact our School-to-School Exchange Coordinator for more information.

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