Monthly Newsletters – The TSC Monthly is a newsletter that is published monthly by Tempe Sister Cities for its members and friends of Tempe Sister Cities. The TSC Monthly highlights the activities and upcoming of events of the organization. Archived copies of the newsletter in pdf format can be found on this website dating back to 2010.

Quarterly Publications – The TSC Quarterly is a publication that is published Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall by Tempe Sister Cities for its members and friends of Tempe Sister Cities.  The TSC Quarterly highlights volunteers and the major activities of the organization.  Archived copies of the TSC Quarterly are in pdf format and can be found on this website by clicking the link highlighted above.

TSC News Blog – The TSC News Blog is on the Home Page of the TSC Web Site and is updated regularly highlighting the activities and upcoming events of Tempe Sister Cities.

TSC PhotographsComing soon

TSC Ring of Honor Publication – The Ring of Honor is an area located in the Tempe Sister Cities Garden located at Kiwanis Park that recognizes the work of those who have dedicated an exceptional amount of time and effort to insure the success of the Tempe Sister Cities purpose in Tempe and in our Sister Cities. This publication recognizes our Ring of Honor Members. Coming soon

TSC Student Exchange Publication-Tempe Sister Cities emphasis has always been on student exchange starting with the first exchange students who traveled to Skope, Yugoslavia (now Macedonia) in 1972. This publication highlights the more than 700 Tempe students and their sister cities brother or sister who have participated in this program as delegates since 1972. Coming soon

TSC Educator Exchange Publication-Many Tempe Educators have had the opportunity to participate in the Tempe Sister Cities Educator Exchange Program which began in 1989. This publication recognizes those educators who have participated in this program as teacher ambassadors. Coming soon

TSC Membership Directory – This publication contains additional information for both new and old members not found on the website. The membership directory is produced yearly and sent to all Tempe Sister Cities Members in good standing. Coming soon

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