Visit From Macedonian Ambassador Philip Reeker and Skopje Travel Itinerary for TSC Members

A special luncheon was held in honor of the visiting Ambassador Philip T Reeker.(pictured to the left) He spoke of the importance of the sister city relationship shared by Tempe and Skopje since 1971. This relationship has had a great impact on the people of Skopje. This unique sister city was the first in Eastern Europe and is our oldest relationship.  A special 10-Day Trip to Skopje is being planned to depart around June 18th. This trip is open and available to all TSC Members.

Dobrin Nedelkov, the Skopje coordinator, would like to give the group an inside look at Skopje. Dobrin is a native of Skopje and states, “This will be a trip of a lifetime for those who participate!” Please call Dick Neuheisel (480)838-0437 to reserve your ticket or email Dobrin Nedelkov ([email protected]).

The Skopje, Macedonia Itinerary is as follows:

 Skopje, Ohrid – Macedonia and Tempe/Meteora (Greece)

Day 1 – Skopje: Arrival in Skopje. Hotel accommodation. Overnight.

Day 2 – Skopje: Visiting the medieval fortress of Skopje – Kale; visit to the Mustafa Pasha mosque and the telegraphic building, Museum of Macedonia, Kurshumli An, Church of St. Spas and the sarcophagus of the greatest Macedonian revolutionary Goce Delchev. Sightseeing of the Skopje Old Bazaar and its monuments (Chifte Amam, Carsi Mosque, Kapan An, Daut Pasha Amam), the Stone bridge; visit to the monuments of Skopje 2014: the building of the museum of VMRO, the Jewish museum, the modern city square; the house of Mother Teresa and Mother Teresa Memorial Monument; visit to the building of the Old Railway Station, Museum of Skopje. Overnight in Skopje.

Day 3 – Skopje: Tempe Sister Cities activities with the city of Skopje. Time for individual activities.

Day 4 – Skopje surroundings: Visit to the Church of St. Andrea and the beautiful canyon of Matka. Visit to the top of the Vodno Mountain and the Millennium Cross, with the newly build gondola, to enjoy the great view of the city. Free time for individual activities. Overnight in Skopje.

Day 5 – Skopje-Ohrid: Departure from the hotel in Skopje. Travelling through Tetovo, Gostivar and Debar. Panoramic sightseeing of the Mavrovo National park. Visit to the monastery complex of Jovan Bigorski where one of the most beautiful wooden iconostasis is located. Departure to Vevcani to visit the beautiful national village with its traditional architecture and the beautiful springs of Vevcani. Continue to Ohrid and overnight in Ohrid.

Day 6 – Ohrid: Ohrid is UNESCO World Heritage site ( Visit to the Samoil Fortress, an Early Christian center in Plaoshnik, the Antique Theater, the church Perivlepta and the Gallery of Icons. Visit to St. Sofia, Workshop for hand- made paper, Museum of Robevci; Sightseeing the Ohrid old town. After lunch departure to St. Naum to visit the monastery of St. Naum and the springs of river Drim. Overnight in Ohrid

Day 7 – Ohrid-Bitola-Tempe-Meteora: Departure to Bitola, with a short visit to the city of Consuls. Continue to the Valley of Tempe, sightseeing and visit to the beautiful church of Agia Paraskevi. Overnight accommodation near Meteora.


Day 8 – Meteora: Visit the famous Meteora monasteries which are UNESCO World Heritage site ( Accommodation near Meteora.

Day 9 – Meteora-Skopje: Departure to Macedonia. Drive trough the wine region of Macedonia. Visit to the Popova Kula Winery. In the afternoon continue to Skopje. Overnight in Skopje.

Day 10: Departure to the USA.



Price: ~1,070 USD (or the equivalent of 819 EUR on the day of payment). Included in the price are accommodations – bed and breakfast in Skopje in Hotel ARKA (; Ohrid – Hotel INEX GORICA (; Near Meteora – Hotel DIVANI Meteora (, transfer with a minibus, tourist guide.

Round-trip airfare from Phoenix to Skopje: still being negotiated, and will depend on the number of people traveling. Current price range for the airfare is $1,700 -2,000 USD. One stopover on the return might be possible – either in Istanbul or Vienna, but the price might increase. Stopover agenda (Hotels, sites, etc) is not put forward as part of the trip and is individual responsibility of the traveling party.

Planned departure from Phoenix is around June 18-20. For more information on the entire trip please contact Dobrin Nedelkov ([email protected]).

Ambassador Reeker Photo and Article by Lisa Maynard

Skopje Travel Photos submitted by Dobrin Nedelkov

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