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Tempe Sister Cities Goat and Sheep Fund

For as little as $30 you can purchase a goat or a sheep for a destitute family in Timbuktu, Mali. You can honor anyone you designate. You may even give the animal a name!

Many people lost their livestock and possessions when they were forced to flee from Timbuktu during the period of violence when the Islamist rebels invade in 2012. With the help of French forces the rebels were driven out. Now, having returned to their homes, they are struggling to exist.

The Tempe Sister Cities’ Goat & Sheep Fund provides a pair of goats or sheep to a family with the understanding that after the birth of four off-springs, two will be given to another needy family to continue the cycle. Goats and sheep usually produce two to three off-springs a year. The animals provide milk, wool and
eventually meat and leather, as well as fertilizer for small garden plots.

You will receive a Certificate of Appreciation to give to your recipient that will show his/her name, the animal(s) you chose and any name you may wish to give it (them).

Please supply the following information:

  •   Name to appear on the certificate
  •   Number of goats — Name of animal(s)
  •   Number of sheep — Name of animal(s)
  •   Your name, address, phone and e-mailMail it with your check for $30 per animal payable to Tempe Sister City to: Sue Lofgren, 2411 S. Newberry Rd., Tempe, AZ 85282-2517, 480-967-0181, [email protected].

Download our Tempe Sister Cities GOAT & SHEEP FUND brochure to donate by check.  

Or your can purchase a Goat or Sheep online by clicking on the link here.   Goat & Sheep Fund Online Registration


You can also make a general donation to the Timbuktu fund.  Please help make a difference today. 


Would you like to be a part of the vast humanitarian efforts of Tempe Sister Cities? Please volunteer!

Please help make a difference today. 

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