Tempe Delegates In Regensburg

TSC Delegates in Regensburg 2013

Every year all the Tempe delegates upon their return think that the country they visit was by far the best and that their experience was the most impactful. I wish I could say that the eight delegates traveling to Germany are different, but in truth we too think our experience by far has to be the best. How could our summer get any better?

Our adventures in Germany have been so diverse and exciting every day that there is no way to give it justice through explanation. On the first day of our arrival we were greeted by our smiling brothers and sisters and extremely cold weather. Armed with only tanks and short shorts we were all shocked and unprepared for weather in the low 40’s during the first week of our arrival. The first night of being in Germany we went to the Dult, which was a festival of sorts and our first true taste of the Bavarian culture. We enjoyed traditional Bavarian music and even went on some rides, a great bonding time with our new siblings. Another highlight that week was the train trip to Munich,

that is capital of Bavaria, where shopping and delicious Italian food was enjoyed. Swiftly, we were rushed off to Berlin, a perfect way for all the Americans and Germans to bond. Some highlights of the weekend included a city tour, seeing the remains of the Berlin wall, and touring the Reichstag building, the meeting place of the German parliament. Berlin was the first time we enjoyed the Greek style “Kepabs,“ which have now become a daily tradition. On our free time in Berlin we battled the fierce rain and many of the twelve American and German girls did some shopping.

After the fun Berlin weekend Regensburg was still extremely wet from the intense rain. As the German delegates started school once again, the Americans ventured into Regensburg alone, but not too close to the Danube, which was flooding many areas of the city. The eight Americans explored Regensburg’s many “Kaffee,” shops and free time in the city. Our taste buds have become accustomed to German schnitzel, gelato, and other delicious foods. Highlights of the week include visiting the University of Regensburg and the U.S training base.

One of the most anticipated trips for the Tempe delegates was Alps hiking trip. The day of the hike was sunny and a perfect temperature in the 70’s. The hike was nearly five hours uphill, but went by quickly because of the great company and beautiful sights. At the top all the delegates were amazed at the incredible beauty and at how green everything looked! Family weekend was also a blast! Each delegate experienced a different area of Europe. Some of the destinations included Vienna, Hamburg, Venice, Verona, Chioggia, and Salzburg! I speak for all the delegates when I say it was an exciting way to experience more of the European culture outside of Germany and make lasting memories with our exchange partners. So far, Germany has brought the Tempe delegates nothing but smiles, good memories, new adventures, and close friends. We all certainly agree that our summer in Regensburg so far has to be the best! With only two weeks left here in Germany we still have lots more events planned, including Burgerfest, a tour of the BMW factory, a canoe trip, and meeting the mayor of Regensburg. I speak for all of us when I say there is no way to truly thank Tempe Sister Cities for this incredible opportunity!

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  1. I was a delegate in 1987 and to this day treasure the wonderful opportunity I was given. I maintain a relationship with my German family to this day and my German sister and I have kept each other updated on the events in each others lives. I currenlty live in San Diego and work as an RN on NBMU at UCSD medical center. I am married and have three children who I have shared my experience with. It is so wonderful to see that the program not only has continued but expanded.

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