Happy Anniversary Hackett House

Twenty-five years ago, May of 1986, The Hackett House was restored and became the headquarters for Tempe Sister City Corporation. Each room of this historical building is a small museum honoring each of our sister cities. The patio hosts many events including The Chocolate Happy Hour and The International Mardi Gras, as well as other special events.

The kitchen, which was once Tempe’s oldest bakery is now where the magic of some of the Hackett House’s most popular programs begin. From themed tea parties to gourmet cooking classes, the Hackett House is usually abuzz with some spectacular event. The Hackett House is also home to some of the annual educational events sponsored by Tempe Sister Cities. The Young Artist’s program displays many fine works from students all over Tempe. The Geography Bee is also an annual competition for elementary students. The Hackett House also welcomes visitors with its ever changing treasures in its gift shop. This Sister City Facility is delightful, charming, and meaningful; congratulations on 25 years of blossoming.

Tempe Sister Cities