Calling all former delegates! We invite you to reconnect with Tempe Sister Cities


You have many ways to become involved


In 1971, a loaf of bread cost 16 cents, Apollo 14 landed on the moon, and Tempe Sister Cities was born.

Since that time, our all-volunteer run organization has impacted thousands of lives all over the globe.

Now we ask YOU, former delegates and family members, to become re-acquainted with Tempe Sister Cities.

“Participation in Tempe Sister Cities is such a huge stepping stone in the life of a student,” says Melissa Werner, volunteer and 1983 Regensburg delegate. “Now, in our anniversary year, we would like to pull everyone together to not only see the impact our organization has had, but to also look toward the future.”

How to become re-involved

The steps to reconnecting with Tempe Sister Cities are simple:

Step 1: Become a member

You don’t have to live in the valley to support Tempe Sister Cities through membership. Your membership funds help us with global philanthropy and allow you opportunities to participate in Tempe Sister Cities group travel. Membership plans start as low as $35 and you can register for membership online.

Step 2: Check in with Tempe Sister Cities when you are in town

Our former delegates now live all over the world. When you come back to Tempe, please include Tempe Sister Cities in your homecoming travels. Please stop by and say hello at Hackett House and if you are here in October, come kick up your heels with us at Oktoberfest.

Step 3: If you live in the Valley, please volunteer!

Remember the thrill you experienced as a delegate when you traveled abroad during your student exchange? Now you can help other Tempe youth enjoy the same life-changing experience by volunteering with Tempe Sister Cities.

There are a host of ways to become involved, from working with delegates, helping with one of our many global philanthropic programs, working at Hackett House, or volunteering for Oktoberfest. You can help out as much or as little as your schedule allows.

Step 4: Connect with us on Facebook

Please become a Tempe Sister City fan and keep current with all the programs and activities we sponsor.

Step 5: Join our email list

Now you can keep up with Tempe Sister Cities by email by signing up for newsletters and updates. Please click to join the Tempe Sister Cities mailing list.

Thank you for your support

Former delegates and family members are vital to the continued success of our global cultural outreach programs—because you, more than anyone, understand first-hand the significance of our efforts.

“Tempe Sister Cities is more than just a summer program,” Werner says. “After I became an adult, I was able to see the full scope of the impact we have had both in our community and around the world.”

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  1. I am a former delegate traveling to Spokje in 1976. I would love to reconnect with Tempe Sister City. I will plan on atteding the 40 year celebration in the fall.

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