TSC Youth Group Known for Philanthropy Projects

Feed My Starving ChildrenTempe Sisters Cities Youth Group is known for their philanthropy projects, and this year’s delegates are  no  exception.  One of the projects is Feed My Starving Children. FMSC is when volunteers hand package food and ship them offto 70 countries over the world for malnourished children. The Youth Group has volunteered for this twice already and the third volunteer opportunity is on March 26.

The Youth Group is now focused on the Selection Night and Sleepover on Feb. 28 to celebrate the new delegates. The Youth Group also thanks Dave and Laura Robertson for offering their home to 64 teenagers to sleep over. Also, in the month of April, the Youth Group is willing to help families in need. If anyone knows of a family in Tempe who may benefit from a food or clothes drive, please contact Beth Lang.

German Delegates Everett Johnson and Vicky Sanford spoke of their experience and how they have personally grown due to their participation in this program. Future Board meetings will have 2-3 delegates speaking each month of their experience abroad and how they have personally changed.

Youth group is open to students 14 and older. To become more involved, email Beth Lang at [email protected].

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