Mayor Hugh Hallman Declares October 3-9th, 2011 as Tempe Sister Cities Week

Mayor Hallman has officially declared October 3-9th, 2011 as Tempe Sister Cities Week for Tempe, Arizona. This proclamation is in recognition of the 40 years of international outreach, including more than 750 student ambassadors from Tempe High Schools as well as hosting an equal number of international students.

This proclamation celebrates Tempe educators, young professionals, firefighters, police and countless other Tempe citizens that have represented our community around the globe. This proclamation honors the volunteer-run Tempe Sister City program that is nationally and internationally recognized for their award winning programs and events such as the last 38 years of Oktoberfest, and the outstanding events held at Tempe’s Historic first bakery, The Hackett House. Congratulations to all the volunteers that have made this organization the pride of Tempe.

Tempe Sister Cities