Germany Teacher Exchange Delegates Recognized

Our friends from Regensburg, Gertie Dietrich, and Katherine Wein, have returned to Germany and are taking home memories of the red rocks of Sedona and a Grand Canyon sunset.

They roamed the Desert Botanical Garden and communed with butterflies. They could hardly tear themselves away from the garden where Marianne Mitchell was escorted around the butterfly pavilion by her very own personal winged friend who would not leave her shoulder. A good reward for her chauffeuring all of the delegates about town and to the garden.

They talked fondly about the tour of ASU hosted by economics Professor Mendez. Yet it has been the connections with people that they will remember most.

Gertie said many times that they have been most impressed with the polite and open minded people they have met and with whom they shared many wonderful conversations. She knows that the information she has gained from the teachers she has met and observed at work will provide useful ideas to incorporate into her classroom at home in Germany.  Listening to them recount their experiences here reminds us of how good it is to live in Arizona and how many resources we have right here to enrich our lives. If you have participated in a teacher exchange you can imagine how hosts Donna Kosis (Kyrene) and Annette Asuncion (TD#3) are looking forward to their reunion with Gertie and Katherine when they make their visit to Regensberg June 19 to July 10.

The “Shoulder to Shoulder” for the German Delegates, Gertie and Katherine, was hosted by Mary Beth and Horst Spielberg April 21st. The food was lovely, the conversation lively, and the guests were entertained by a string quartet of four eighth grade students from Fees Preparatory School led by orchestra instructor Amy Smith. The evening was soft and pleasant, Sister City friendships were reconnected and savored, speeches were given. A good time was had by all.

Many thanks to Horst and Mary Beth Spielberg for opening up their home and to Amy Smith and her students for the lovely entertainment.

Tempe Sister Cities