Monthly Newsletters 2012

January (Click Here to View Full Articles)

  • President’s Message-Happy New Year to All Tempe Sister Cities Members
  • 2012 Student Exchange List of Events
  • Travel Opportunities to Cuenca, Equador in March
  • Travel Opportunity to Beualieu sur Mer, France in July
  • Sister Cities International Conference in Jacksonville, Florida July 12-14

February (Click Here to View Full Articles)

  • First Annual TSC Rummage Sale
  • Youth Group Update
  • 2012 Celebrating 40 years of Student Exchanges
  • Educator Exchange News

March (Click Here to View Full Articles)

  • 32 Student Delegates Selected to Represent Tempe
  • Visit from Macedonian Ambassador Philip Reeker
  • Professional Educator Exchange News
  • Special Alumni Committee Forms

June (Click Here to View Full Articles)

  • Mayor of Skopje, Koce Trajanoski, meets with TSC Delegates
  • Calendar of student exchange activities.

July (Click Here to View Full Articles)

  • Special Honor for Tempe Young Artist
  • On The Road To Oktoberfest 2012
  • A Glimpse Into The Macedonian Experience

August (Click Here to View Full Articles)

  • Timbuktu, Is Under Siege
  • 2012 International Delegates Experience a Formal Prom

September (Click Here to View Full Articles)

  • Making A World of Difference Honors- Dr. Edgar Rodas of Cuenca, Ecuador; Dr. Raul Osorio of Mesa, formerly of Peru; and Derreck Kayongo, formerly of Kenya
  • Educator Exchange News- Chris Crain becomes Tempe Sister Cities’ first Educator Exchange participant to visit Cuenca, Ecuador.

October (Click Here to View Full Articles)

  • International Entertainment For Oktoberfest
  • 2012 Marks 40 Years of Student Exchanges
  • Harry Mitchell , Don Carlos Award Recipient 2012
  • New Zealand Teacher Exchange by Crissi Johnson

November (Click Here to View Full Articles)

  • Cusco, Peru to Become the Ninth Sister City of Tempe
  • Timbuktu Relief Fund
  • Summer Travel Opportunities- Beaulieu sur Mer,France; Regensburg, Germany; Trollhatten, Sweden; Cuenca, Equador, and Cusco, Peru,

December (Click Here to View Full Articles)

  • Hackett House News
  • Young Artist Program
  • Wendy  and  Lori’s  Journey  to Regensburg
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